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PowerFlare® Customer Testimonials

PowerFlare® saving lives and budgets ...

Purchase NowPowerFlare Corporation has had its products proven with some of the most demanding users in the world: military, special forces, SWAT teams, rescue units, and even extreme sports consumers. Click here to see our Customer List.

The PowerFlare® product line is earning positive comments from many users, some examples of which are listed below.

Rocklin Police Department (CA):

    Here is a photo of the Rocklin police car destroyed in November 2004 by the unplanned ignition of a highway fusee (flare) in the trunk. Thankfully, the officer and his K-9 partner were not hurt. We have removed all the flares from our first responder police vehicles and are replacing them with your product.

    Dan Ruden, Captain
    Rocklin Police Department

    Police car burned from accidental ignition of old-fashioned flare

CALSTAR (Medical Helicopter Co.):

    We have experienced many landings now with PowerFlare Beacons as the LZ and have found them to be superior to anything else we've seen or used. Recently, during a landing in Morgan Hill, the pilot reported seeing the beacons flashing from over 5 miles out. They give a dependable, accurate target that is needed when responding to emergency situations.

    Click here to read the entire letter of recommendation.

    Joseph F. Cook
    President, CALSTAR

Ripon Police Department (CA):

    We have been looking for a signaling device that would enable us to move away from our costly, dangerous and harmful flares. Your product passed our test & evaluation procedures with flying colors. We wanted to see if your PowerFlares would really stand up to abuse. We ran over one of your devices multiple times with a fully equipped Ford Crown Vic. Your light kept on signaling. We dropped and threw your devices on the ground from various heights. It kept on signaling. We used this device in pools of diesel fuel, it kept on signaling. We immersed it in water, and ran it over at the same time, it kept on signaling. In my opinion, the only practical way to destroy one of your devices, would be to repeatedly pummel it with a hammer, or to shoot it. In our experience, this signaling device is "Cop-proof." These devices are extremely effective in low light situations. We have had civilians, and allied agency officers stop at emergency scenes when your PowerFlare device is in use and ask, "What are those. I saw them from way back there!" We are now testing your PowerFlare Tactical (Infrared IR) Beacons. It appears these tactical devices will be very useful during our firearms training, when we are using our rifle mounted night vision equipment. We also believe your tactical beacons will be effective in illuminating areas that we wish to clear, using night vision. Thank you for producing and distributing a product that meets and exceeds our needs. I believe your product will enable military and law enforcement teams to procure the right equipment to complete the mission.

    Sgt. Steve "Sparky" Merchant
    Ripon Police Department

Customers worldwide are saying that PowerFlare® is the superior way to go for safety for these reasons:

  • Economics: Pays for itself in 24 hours of use vs. flares!
  • Ergonomics: Versatile & easy to use.
  • Environment: Does not pollute or expose personnel to toxic fumes from old-fashioned flares

Because of this, PowerFlare® is becoming the standard and "best practice" for government and commercial customers.

Please see our list of products to learn more.

Police car with PowerFlare Electronic Beacon pattern

Users & Applications

There are many applications and uses for our products. If you have questions or might need something built for your application, please e-mail: sales@powerflare.com

Brochures & Specs

PowerFlare® Electronic Beacon Brochure
Information and specifications about the rechargeable PowerFlare® Electronic Beacon.

PowerFlare® IR Tactical Beacon Brochure
Military and SWAT operatives: check out the PowerFlare® IR Tactical Beacon for use with night-vision equipment.

PowerFlare® Cost Benefits
Overview of the financial benefits of using PowerFlare® Electronic Beacons.

Emergency Vehicle Lighting
Extend your zone of safety beyond your vehicle's light bar

Emergency Medical Services: Helicopter (LifeFlight) Landing Zones
Application notes and benefits of using PowerFlare® Electronic Beacons in and around Helicopter (LifeFlight) Landing Zones.

Law Enforcement: Motorcycle & Bicycle
Application notes and benefits of using PowerFlare® Electronic Beacons for law enforcement.

SCUBA: Diving and Rescue
Application notes and benefits of using PowerFlare® Electronic Beacons for SCUBA diving and underwater rescue.

See photos of PowerFlare® units in action. Click an image below to enlarge.

PowerFlare in Action PowerFlare in Action
PowerFlare in Action PowerFlare in Action
PowerFlare in Action PowerFlare in Action
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