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PowerFlare® Electronic Beacon

Purchase NowPowerFlare Corporation proudly builds its products to meet or exceed specifications and regulations for government, military, commercial, and consumer use.

The PowerFlare® unit is a versatile lighting and signaling device with a unique combination of electronic and physical features.

In addition to being amazingly tough, PowerFlare® units are smart. In fact, each one has a computer chip inside that provides features such as:

  • Battery charge management: Ensures that the maximum amount of power is stored and is efficiently transferred to light output
  • Multiple user-selectable flash patterns: Choose a flash pattern best suited to the circumstances. For example, solid-on can be used as a task light.
  • Auto on/off: The unit automatically turns off when inserted in the charger. When removed from the charger, the unit will remember its last set flash mode.

The PowerFlare® 5-Pack is designed for government and fleet use. It consists of a charger that is about the size of a lunch box and five PowerFlare® units.

PowerFlare 5-Pack

Some of the unique features of the 5-Pack Charger include:

  • Compact: Can be placed in various locations in vehicle & takes up much less room than a box of old-fashioned flares
  • Smart charging: Will not overcharge PowerFlare® units
  • Vehicle battery saver: Detects condition of vehicle battery & goes to "sleep" if voltage is too low

Installation is quick & easy: Just plug into your cigarette lighter or direct wire in your trunk using your car's existing wires. Additional 5-Packs can be connected together to have 10, 15 or more PowerFlare® units charging in your trunk.

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Police car with PowerFlare Electronic Beacon pattern

PowerFlare® Downloads

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PowerFlare® Electronic Beacon Brochure
Information and specifications about the rechargeable PowerFlare® Electronic Beacon.

PowerFlare® IR Tactical Beacon Brochure
Military and SWAT operatives: check out the PowerFlare® IR Tactical Beacon for use with night-vision equipment.

PowerFlare® Cost Benefits
Overview of the financial benefits of using PowerFlare® Electronic Beacons.

Emergency Vehicle Lighting
Extend your zone of safety beyond your vehicle's light bar

Emergency Medical Services: Helicopter (LifeFlight) Landing Zones
Application notes and benefits of using PowerFlare® Electronic Beacons in and around Helicopter (LifeFlight) Landing Zones.

Law Enforcement: Motorcycle & Bicycle
Application notes and benefits of using PowerFlare® Electronic Beacons for law enforcement.

SCUBA: Diving and Rescue
Application notes and benefits of using PowerFlare® Electronic Beacons for SCUBA diving and underwater rescue.

See photos of PowerFlare® units in action. Click an image below to enlarge.

PowerFlare in Action PowerFlare in Action
PowerFlare in Action PowerFlare in Action
PowerFlare in Action PowerFlare in Action
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